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FUNLEADER CapLens 18mm f/8

Small, Light and playful camera cap lens.

FUNLEADER Cap Lens 18mm f/8 is an incredible camera lens that giving you joyful experience in photography.  It is small and light which allows you to always focusing on creation and composition.


FUNLEADER Cap Lens 18mm f/8 doesn’t carry any of electronic component, makes it as light as a feather. You can keep it on your camera and capture every great moment anytime, anywhere. With the ultra-wide-angle 18mm focal length and f/8 fixed aperture, FUNLEADER Cap Lens helps you to capture more beauty. The closest focusing distance of FUNLEADER Cap Lens is 0.8. It doesn’t need auto-focus particles because it takes advantage of the concept of Hyper-focal distance. 

Why choose FUNLEADER Cap Lens 18mm f/8?

FUNLEADER Cap Lens 18mm f/8 can bring you an incredible experience in photography. It is small and light, and it can also serve as a body cap to protect the camera. It is worth to have  FUNLEADER Cap Lens rather than an original expensive body cap.

A camera lens for fun 

FUNLEADER Cap Lens 18mm f/8 is not a lens for high-quality optical performance but is a lens for playful usage. It gives an experience of joyful. It is like using a Lomo camera which puts more emphasis on creation rather than optical effect. You can take more time on creation rather than adjusting the focus. 

You may think that FunLeader CapLens is just as thin as a smartphone lens. Actually, it combined with 6 lenses in 5 groups, and each piece of the lens contains multiple coating. It is specially designed and developed for full-frame cameras  (and of course APS-C cameras as well). It works brilliantly in street photography.

Photography effects

You can get the vignetting effect as Lomo camera do, also a higher level of detail and better color accuracy. If you use it in street photography and landscape photography, you can feel its ultra-wide-angle 18mm focal length and f/8 aperture, which help you capture more high-quality pictures. It works brilliantly in daylight. If you use it at night, it is better to use a tripod.

Photography theme

If you want a smart and light camera lens,  FUNLEADER Cap Lens 18mm f/8 is pretty much fit for your needs. It can fit into differentPhotography themes like street photography and landscape photography. You can also use it for portrait photography to create various exciting perspectives.

Suit for everyone

FUNLEADER Cap Lens 18mm f/8 is not a high-end camera lens, but a lens for leisure and creativity. It is small, light and playful, which makes you find the joy and freedom in photography.



Suit for Mirrorless camera

FUNLEADER Cap Lens 18mm f/8 is mainly designed for the mirrorless cameras. If you want to take full advantage of its 18mm focal, you are recommended to use it with a full-frame camera. 

Technical Specifications

  • Focal Length: 18mm
  • Aperture: f/8.0
  • Field of view: 100° 
  • Closet focusing distance: 0.8m
  • Construction: 6 elements in 4 groups
  • Coating: Multi- coated
  • Body material: Brass
  • Finishing: chrome plating
  • Weight: 80g
  • Size: 62mmØ × 15mm

Professional Photo Gallery

By Mr. Derek Lee-Halo Studio

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