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HK$7,920.00 ~ HK$26,320.00

Dear visitor,

POET Audio builds a new generation of sound systems.

Simply play music from your smartphone, but in High End quality!

Our Sound Systems are wireless, noble furnishings.

Designed by Austrian Design Award Winner T.Feichtner.

But POET sound systems are not design toys, they offer true High Fidelity sound quality. Our team, consisting of musicians and sound engineers, is committed to this.

Finally, we manufacture in Graz, Austria. Environmentally sound. 

Markus Platzer

CEO and founder


The first HiFi

Bluetooth° Speaker

Stream music wirelessly from your phone, tablet or Mac.

In HiFi Sound Quality.

Developing and producing High End Sound Systems is our mission. 


A wireless 360° Flagship.

Free Oak Base°

Stream music wirelessly from your phone, tablet or Mac.

pandoretta° provides an overwhelming sound experience.

It's not a toy. It's true high end.


Wireless meets vinyl.


Streaming music wirelessly from your phone is convenient.

But using vinyl... that's pure style!

fonetta° enables both. Wireless. Ultra easy.

the base°

Turns pandoretta° and fonetta° into a sculpture

The optional podium, available in oak or nut, is produced in a complex procedure in Austria.

A precious piece of Austrian handicraft.

Made of Steel

The cabinet is made of steel and welded by hand. Great Austrian craftsmanship.


Our Bluetooth has a range up to 15 meter and more. Our amplifiers are brand new class D models.

Central Intelligence

Thanks to the intelligence of the mainboard our system are easy to use. It is an exclusive invention of POET.

High End

We use only the best drivers. With Kevlar membrance and Neodymium magnet. You will hear the difference.


Many work steps are made by hand. And with love. Our tribute to great Austrian musicians like Mozart, Haydn, Strauss and many others.


All our sound system have a wooden body (MDF). Like a great piano. That makes the difference to plastic made products.

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